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Welcome to Smooth Wax Bar, the original wax bar in London and Toronto's Liberty Village!  Our concept is simple - we are a waxing salon dedicated solely to waxing services for men and women. Brazilians and backs. Brows and Toes. And everything in between. We use only top quality imported waxes and we have hired Waxologists who are masters of their craft (and clean freaks!). Add in fabulous service that is fast, ouch-free and priced right.

Simply put, the best waxing experience for you.

Latest Smooth buzz! Now get smooth right on campus

Smooth Wax Bar has opened our latest location right on Western Campus in the UCC Building. Pop in on the lower level down from The Book Store, book online or call one of our smooth operators at 519-850-2922. 


Get Smooth.  Maximum smoothness with Minimum ouch.

We focus on two things YOU and waxing.  That means you'll get exceptional service AND luxurious waxing all in the privacy of our super clean waxing rooms, at a price that won't make you raise an eyebrow

1. Less Ouch

Our Waxologists are specially trained in the latest techniques to virtually eliminate discomfort. They are true masters of their craft because waxing is all that they do. 

Smooth imports three specially formulated hard and soft waxes made for sensitive skin because all skin is sensitive when it comes to waxing. This wax will revolutionize the wax experience for you! It is so amazing that the Spice Girls had it flown to the US when they discovered they couldn't find it at any of the wax salons they visited!

More about our imported waxes

  • Our hard wax is made of all natural bees wax and is infused with the highest quality polymers to make waxing ouch free! Plus it contains titanium dioxide and Micro Mia for superior skin protection and Argan Oil, Arnica and Aloe Vera. Our Waxologists will use this wax on all your super sensitive body parts. 
  • Our superior white cream strip wax consists of quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Titanium Dioxide. It is used on larger areas of the body and its specialty ingredients help moisturize and nourish your skin during the wax.
  • Stripless Lavendar Wax shrink-wraps around the hairs and removes even the most stubborn hairs as short as 1mm! It can be re-applied on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation. It is used mainly for facial waxing but our Waxologists will also use it as needed in other areas.

2. Never Worry About Cleanliness

We here at Smooth Wax Bar are obsessed with hygiene. We have meticulously ensured that every step of the experience is super clean and hygienic. Our Waxologists never double dip wax sticks (yuck!) so you never need to worry about cleanliness or cross-contamination. 

3. Priced Right

Luxurious, high quality waxing should be available to everyone. We have skipped the fancy spa lounges so that we can deliver high quality service at a price that won’t make you raise your eyebrows. Want to save even more? Check out our Smooth Bar Tab and Smoothaholic Membership packages for the ultimate in value!

4. Fast, Quality Service

Smooth skin is just minutes away. Since our Waxologists are master waxers, they can deliver a high quality wax with the ultimate in–and-out experience, often in half the time that most spas take. 

Now, get your body in here and get smooth. Book onlineBook online, call or just walk in – our doors are always open!

Be Smooth. Feel Fabulous. Fast.

Smooth Wax Bar Services

Our only priority is to deliver amazing service and a luxurious waxing experience for men and women. Whether it’s as simple as a brow wax, or as involved as a Brazilian wax, our Waxologists will get you smooth quickly and with less ouch. 

smooth ladies

Brows $15
Upper Lip $12
Neck $15
Cheeks $12
Chin $10
Ears $10
Full Face $40
Eyebrow Tinting $20
Eyelash Tinting $25
Upper Body
Hands $10
Half Arms $25
Three Quarter Arms $29
Full Arms $32
Underarms $17
Stomach $20
Stomach Strip $12
Lower Back $15
Upper Back $18
Full Back $30
Lower Body
Half Legs $30
Full Legs $55
Classic Bikini
Removes hair not covered by panties or bathing suit.
Sexy Bikini
Removes hair not covered by a thong
Modest Brazilian
Removes all hair except a patch
Totally smooth from front to back!
Between the Cheeks $15
Buttocks $20
Feet and Toes $10
Body Bling
Add jewels or sparkles anywhere including that freshly waxed spot $15

Smoothaholic Members: Don’t forget you get extra discounts on our already great prices! 


smooth gentlemen

Brows $15
In Between Brow $8
Neck $15
Cheeks $13
Sideburns $13
Ears $10
Nose $10
Upper Body
Hands $13
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $40
Underarms $20
Shoulders $20
Chest $25
Stomach $20
V Stomach $15
Lower Back $20
Upper Back $25
Full Back $42
Full Back including Shoulders $55
Full Chest including Stomach $40
Lower Body
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $65
Between the Cheeks $20
Buttocks $40
Clean up the sides at the front and between legs
Totally smooth from front to back

Smoothaholic Members: Don’t forget you get extra discounts on our already great prices! 

Membership Card

Get Smoother with our Memberships and Bar Tabs


More Savings

Luxurious waxing at a great price is what Smooth Wax Bar is all about, but our bar tabs and memberships allow you to save even more.

More Smoothness

Regular and consistent waxing ensures you will experience finer hair regrowth, which means smoother skin and less pain. We recommend waxing once a month for maximum smoothness. 

More Perks

Our members receive lots of extras, including free services and special deals sprinkled throughout the year.

Smoothaholic Memberships

Are you hooked on feeling smooth? Our Smoothaholic membership packages are for those who like to ensure maximum smoothness through regular, monthly waxes while getting maximum savings and perks. Pick any service and get 20%off when you sign up to a monthly membership. There is no fee to sign up..just your commitment to stay smooth for 12 months! Easy to understand. Easy to save! 

Members are also showered with lots of extras like 15% off any other services and 10% off all your favourite products that you can’t live without.  We hope you love surprises, because you’ll also get treated to extra perks throughout the year.  

Smooth Bar Tab

If your schedule or frequency tends to vary, then our Smooth Bar Tab is perfect for you. Bar tabs are available for every service we offer. Pre-pay for any 6 treatments and your 7th is free. Plus, you get 10% off all your favourite Smooth products while your tab is running. And you don’t need to worry about carrying around paper cards that might get lost. We’ll track your visits in our system.




Prepare to be Smooth. Keep yourself Smooth.


pre wax tips

Pre Wax Tips

  • A good rule of thumb is to plan your wax every 3-4 weeks. We advise you don’t shave in between but if you do, come at least three weeks after using a razor or the hair may be too short for waxing.
  • Taking a warm shower before your appointment helps to open the pores. 
  • Skip the lotion, gels and oils on the day of your appointment.
  • While we aim to minimize the ouch, some clients prefer to pop an aspirin or use one of our Bare Ease numbing creams about 30 minutes before their wax.
  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages and sunbathing before your wax. 
  • Do a quick body scan to ensure your skin is free from any cuts, moles, skin tags or cold sores. 

post wax tips

Post Wax Tips for staying smooth:

  • Stay cool: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat for 24 hours, including sunbathing, intense exercise, or hot tubs. 
  • Stay Clean: We recommend you avoid applying any heavy creams, gels or oils to your freshly waxed area for 24 hours. 
  • Take Care: Exfoliating will keep the skin smooth, and free from ingrown hairs. We carry all natural scrubs, handmade dry brushes and PFB hair serum to prevent those pesky ingrowns. 


Wax FAQs

What is the difference between a Classic Bikini, a Sexy Bikini, a Modest Brazilian and a Brazilian?

  • A Classic Bikini removes all the hair that can be seen outside of regular underwear or bathing suits.
  • A Sexy Bikini takes away anything that you would see outside of a thong.
  • A Modest Brazilian gives you the option to choose from: a triangle, landing strip, square, etc. Whatever shape you'd like to keep on top, we will leave for you.
  • A Brazilian leaves you totally smooth from front to back. 

I am uncomfortable baring all. What can I expect? 

Our Waxologists are fully trained to make your waxing experience a comfortable one. They work quickly and cover any body parts that do not need to be exposed.  We also have disposable panties available upon request.

Why wax vs. laser?

The most obvious benefit is affordability. Waxing at Smooth is much more affordable than laser hair removal. At the same time, laser hair removal is not for everyone. It only works well for those with very light skin and very dark hair. Laser will not work well on those who have darker skin and darker hair or those with very light skin and light hair. Laser hair removal can also easily burn those with darker skin because the laser targets the darker pigment of the hair (or dark color). Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is not permanent, as there is often 30-40% hair regrowth. Laser hair removal at a reputable clinic is expensive, and multiple treatments are required. Smooth is fast, ouch-free and affordable!

What can I expect as a male client?

About 30% of our clients are men, so you will fit right in. Our male clients come in for a variety of reasons.  Some want to feel Brad Pitt sexy by removing hair in unwanted places, like their back or chest. Others are athletes who want hair removed for improved performance. Some want to transform one brow into two. Our Waxologists are specially trained to wax men and our environment is unisex so that all of our clients feel comfortable during their appointments. 

Will you remove ingrown hairs?

Only medical professionals are certified to break skin.  In accordance with this regulation, our Waxologists will not remove ingrown hairs if it requires breaking the skin.  We do offer various solutions to prevent ingrown hairs from forming in the future.  Your Waxologist can discuss these with you during your appointment.

Can I wax during that time of the month?

Yes you can wax at any time. Simply wear a tampon and let your Waxologist know.

When shouldn’t I wax?

We do not recommend waxing if you have a raised mole, varicose veins or if you are taking acne medication such as Accutane or Retin-A or corticosteroids.

What is Body Bling?

Body Bling is a way to add some extra fun to your waxing experience. We use Swarovski jewels and Shimmer glitter (available in various stencils) at Smooth, that can be applied anywhere on your body. They last from 4-7 days after application and give you a chance to flaunt your smoothness! Ask your Waxologist to see the options available. 

I have sensitive skin. Will it hurt?

Our waxes are specially formulated for sensitive skin and our Waxologists are experts in performing waxes that result in an ouch free experience.  If you do have a low pain tolerance or this is your first time waxing, we recommend that you take a pain reliever 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment or apply one of our numbing creams.  

When I got home I found there was a spot missed or the wax wasn’t symmetrical. What should I do?

If you get home and find that ANYTHING wasn’t just right about your wax, please contact us within 48 hours and we will get you back in to make it perfect.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Things come up! We understand and will work to reschedule your appointment to get you smooth as soon as we can. After three missed appointments however, we will ask to hold your appointment with a credit card.

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Feel free to contact us if you don’t find the answer you are looking for and our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Where to get Smooth


London Hours
Monday 9am to 8pm
Tuesday 9am to 8pm
Wednesday 9am to 8pm
Thursday 9am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday closed


Book in London Richmond Row


Smooth Wax Bar - Richmond Row London

613 Richmond Street


Toronto Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am to 8pm
Wednesday 10am to 8pm
Thursday 10am to 8pm
Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm


Book in Toronto Liberty Village



Smooth – Liberty Village, Toronto

110 Atlantic Avenue


London Western Hours
Monday 9am to 6pm
Tuesday 9am to 6pm
Wednesday 9am to 6pm
Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Book in London Western UCC



Smooth – Western UCC, London

1151 Richmond Street UCC Building Lower Level Room 80



London Richmond Row:
There are usually plenty of free parking spots available on Hyman Street and tons of metered parking along Richmond and Central. Toronto: Lots of metered parking along Atlantic.

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We believe that the first step in creating the best experience for our clients is to create the best experience for our team.  That is why we invest heavily in our people, pay them really well, and shower them with extra perks for delivering amazing service.  Are you a certified esthetician who loves to wax? We are looking for talented and passionate people who want to be part of a fun team that is obsessed with delivering the best client experience.  Send your resume to and tell us why this is a job you were born to rock!